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My Baby Girl – 6 Months Old

A lot has happened in the last 4 months!  I can hold my head up of course, I love my feet and I am figuring out that my  hands can actually grab at things!  I love bed time and I love seeing my daddy, every time he comes in the room he makes me smile!  Eating is a new favorite, I love sweet potatoes the most but I also do love carrots and banana’s!  I am even starting to share a whole banana with my mom!  This whole hand thing will hopefully help me pick up the banana pieces on my own soon!

I am not quite sleeping through the night yet, but right around 5 months I was able to get up only once which mommy loves so she can get a little extra sleep!  Right around 4 months I starting rolling over and at that time I found that sleeping on my belly was so much more comfy!  I started to enjoy a nuk around 5 months but I really only care for it when I go down at night, my most favorite is my muslin blanket!! My favorite song is still Cowboy Take Me Away, but even hearing my mommy sing makes me feel better!

When I was 4 months old I took my first road trip to Lanesboro MN.  I had a great time!

I love the outdoors, bath time, bed time, music and my daddy’s silly face and voice!! I have so much to learn these next 6 months!!

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