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Life in a Week | Week 4

So my camera came back TODAY, so it really isn’t life in a week but more like life in a day!  Anyway today was kind of special, actually the last couple days were kind of special.  Chloe and I had some special bonding time since Brent has been out on a fishing trip. Not that I don’t miss Brent but it has been a little extra special.

Watching this little girl grow by the second makes my eyes well a little, a full year will be here before we know it! Where has this time gone, I feel like I can almost have conversations with her already, even though all she says back is “da da dada da da”.. It’s that special bond that I always imagined having but finally actually feel.  A bond that will never be broken and will always be understood.  Love, as simple as that word is it truly is a complex and specific feeling.  So much joy, I love watching her grow!

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